Flat Felt Roofs in Northampton


Here at Kingsley Roofing Services in Northampton we are experts at fitting and repairing all kinds of flat felt roofs. More often than not, flat felt roofs are used on a smaller structure, for example, extensions and garages, a flat felt roof is relatively quick and straightforward to install. As a result, they are also cost effective and easy to replace or repair.


Flat felt roofs are constructed by laying a material over the roof decking, this material is known as the ‘carrier’ which is used as a base upon which the waterproof layer can be applied. It is vital that this layer is made from a durable, yet flexible material as the weather (in particular British weather!) can fluctuate dramatically, causing a lot of stress to your roof and the materials that it is composed of. Without using a flexible and durable material, you will find that your roof will begin to shrink and tear, which will cause damage to your property, and result in your having to spend more money to get your roof fixed again.


This is why it is essential to have your flat felt roof fitted by a professional. At Kingsley Roofing Services, we have over 15 years experience installing flat felt roofs for the people of Northampton. We can provide our expert services for any flat felt roofing project you have by advising what materials would be best for your property. We can then install your flat felt roof and make sure that it can withstand the variety of British weather that it will face.


If you are looking for a professional roofer in Northampton to install a flat felt roof on your property then look no further than Kingsley Roofing Services. Give us a call today on 01604242794 or 07446914101, or send us a message through our contact page to see what we can do for you.